It's like Skyrim ... with guns ... in space ... with a Firefly meets Borderlands feel? The Outer Worlds teaser

The teaser trailer for The Outer Worlds certainly looks interesting, though one has to wonder in Obsidian may have tried to combine too many different styles into a single game.  On the other hand they are responsible for the best of the first person Fallout games so we can hold out some hope.  Even better is the news from Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN that even though Microsoft now owns Obsidian, the game will be released by 2K and not a Windows Store exclusive launch! 

Head over to watch the teaser.


"Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind RPGs from Alpha Protocol through Fallout: New Vegas to Pillars Of Eternity, tonight announced The Outer Worlds, a new singleplayer first-person RPG with a space-western twang."

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