Next season on The Jetsons, Professor X TOPS the list of special guests; and now a word from NVIDIA

NVIDIA claims their newly announced Jetson AGX Xavier SoC can provide up to 32 trillion operations per second for specific tasks, requiring a mere 10W to do so.  The chips are design for image processing and recognition along with all those other 'puter learnin' things you would expect and chances are a device will have several of these chips working in tandem, which offers a lot of processing power.  It is already being used for real time monitoring of DNA sequencing and will be installed in car manufacturing lines in Japan.

The Inquirer points out that this performance comes at a cost, currently $1100 per unit as long as you are buying 1000 of them or more.


"Essentially a data wrangling server plonked onto a silicon package, Jetson AGX Xavier is designed to handle all the tech and processing that autonomous things need to go about their robot lives, such as image processing and computer vision and the inference of deep learning algorithms."

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