Intel would rather you talk about their new QLC SSDs

Not to be out done by Samsung, Intel have also announced new QLC based SSDs, the 600p series and the D5-P4320.  The two series of drives rely on SLC caches to provide extra lifetime to the QLC flash which is not as robust as other varieties, the 600p is rated at 0.1 drive writes per day and the D5-P4320 is rated for 0.9 sequential writes per day, 0.2 for random writes.  The two drives also share a five year warranty in common.  The D5-P4320 sports a capacity of 7.68TB whereas the 600p comes in more affordable 520GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities.  Drop by The Inquirer for more information on the two new series of NVMe SSDs from Intel.


"The SSD 660p is a single-sided M.2 format consumer drive following on from the 600p with 52GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. The 600p topped out at 1TB."

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