A possible successor to Jagged Alliance?

The world would probably be a better place if the last few 'reboots' of Jagged Alliance had never happened.  To describe them as lacklustre is being far too polite to truly convey the disappointments which have been released over the past few years.  Developer Iron Sight have been working on a tactical squad combat game called Iron Sight for a while; it was originally started back in 2014, and it should soon hit early access.  The mechanics that they show off in the trailer over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun display a game that looks far more like the old games than any that have been released since Sir Tech stopped making them. 

Take a look here.


"It’s somehow been lurking around for years, but today developers Iron Sight put out a fancy new features trailer in preparation for an early access release in the near future. Sneak a stealthy peek at the game in the video below."

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Source: PCper.com

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