Podcast #507 - FSP CMT520, Falcon Northwest's Tiki, and more!

PC Perspective Podcast #507 - 07/19/18

Join us this week for discussion on FSP CMT520, Falcon Northwest’s Tiki, and more!

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Hosts: Ryan Shrout, Jeremy Hellstrom, Josh Walrath, Allyn Malventano

Peanut Gallery: Alex Lustenberg, Ken Addison

Program length: 1:10:00

Podcast topics of discussion:
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  3. PCPer Mailbag #52 - Baby Got Backplate
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  5. Week in Review:
    1. 0:05:10 FSP CMT Series CMT520 RGB Tempered Glass Case Review
    2. 0:10:30 Falcon Northwest Tiki System Review: Packing Power Where It Counts
  7. News items of interest:
    1. 0:27:15 AmberLake Leaks
    2. 0:30:20 The PC industry is still dead; ignore the sales figures suggesting otherwise!
    3. 0:32:45 Bring your own cache to Toshiba's RC100 Host Memory Buffet
    4. 0:40:05 Yes Virginia, there is a Nokia ... and there is a new phone
    5. 0:42:20 NVIDIA, Oculus, Valve, AMD, and Microsoft Collaborate on VirtualLink VR Headset Standard
    6. 0:50:25 GIGABYTE Introduces the First AORUS Power Supplies
    7. 0:53:10 EVGA’s 19th Anniversary Event – More than $80,000 in Prizes!
    8. 0:55:55 You will drink the clown vomit! Skype 8 becomes mandatory in September
    9. 0:57:10 NZXT Announces the E Series Digital PSUs
    10. 0:58:45 Unreal Engine 4.20 Released. YOLO!
  8. Picks of the Week:
    1. 1:00:10 Ryan: The Adventure Zone
    2. 1:02:10 Jeremy: I might have to pick up a 1900X
    3. 1:03:30 Josh: Finally can get that FreeSync Goodness for reasonable price
    4. 1:04:45 Allyn: Sony VCTMP1 Multipod Monopod
    5. 1:07:40  Jim: https://open.spotify.com/album/78HQtfS1qAaooNV2L5Iu6A?si=QTek-sJkR9SUvAhpODddhg
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  10. http://twitter.com/ryanshrout and http://twitter.com/pcper
  11. Closing/outro

Source: PCper.com

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